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Zero Carbon Footprint

TribalTourist wishes to make long distance travel more planet friendly and help you feel better about your carbon emissions when you do.

Impact, don't extract!

TribalTourist has partnered with the Ngo in South Africa called Jobs4Carbon to help our travellers reduce their carbon footprint by planting Spekboom in designated areas in the Klein Karoo in Cape Town, South Africa.

IT'S PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN - Spekboom (Portulacaria Afra)

Also known as Pork Bush or Elephant’s Food, this indigenous evergreen is an environmental miracle worker, with the potential to tackle carbon emissions like no other plant can on the planet.


Reducing CO2 content in the atmosphere is critical to preserve a liveable planet. Spekboom is exceptionally good at pulling CO2 out of the air and converts it into soil-carbon. One hectare of Spekboom will absorb 4.5 tonnes of CO2 per annum in its life-time (approximately 40 years).

In the semi-arid Little Karoo region, growing conditions are ideal for this resilient plant. Thriving in poor soils, it tolerates both drought and frost. In the cool months, Spekboom photosynthesises like other plants, opening its stomata during the day to absorb carbon dioxide. During drier times, the plant has the ability to open its stomata at night in order to prevent water loss during the heat of the day.

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Carbon offsetting your international flight is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint when you travel.

Next time you take an international flight, think about the amount of carbon emissions it creates.


0.78 TONNES*

TribalTourist plants 2 Spekboom**


1.32 TONNES*

TribalTourist plants 4 Spekboom**


1.89 TONNES*

TribalTourist plants 6 Spekboom**


2.12 TONNES*

TribalTourist plants 7 Spekboom**

*Flight emissions calculated using www.cooleffect.org

Cool Effect calculates your carbon emission on your flight and then converts the tonnes emitted into U$D, TribalTourist for simplicity converts your flight time into the amount of Spekboom plants needed to offset your flights emissions.

**Planting one Spekboom equates to 0.32 Tonnes of carbon offset.

How do we calculate your international flight/s carbon emission?

TribalTourist has chosen to use the science model created by www.cooleffect.org in their flight carbon emission calculator. They apply values over three different flight-length categories: Short, Medium and Long Haul. The purposeful inclusion of methane and nitrous oxide distinguishes this Flight Emissions Calculator from other sources, which often include solely carbon dioxide in their calculations.

Rounded to the nearest 0.01 tonnes, the Cool Effect Flight Emissions Calculator is meant to provide the environmentally-conscious flyer with sound knowledge on which to base each decision to offset.

While the Cool Effect Flight Emissions Calculator is one viable resource, there are many other credible emission calculators out there to explore, such as ICAOs Flight Calculator, Virgin Atlantics Carbon Neutral Calculator, or the TerraPass Carbon Footprint Calculator. Each source will likely result in slightly different emissions estimates due to the host of responsible assumptions that must be made when considering the impacts of air travel.

How it works. Easy peasy in 3 steps!

1) The moment your international flight departs until your arrival at your chosen destination. We calculate the amount of carbon emissions used in your flight using Cool Effects Calculator

2) TribalTourist then converts the tonnes emitted in your flight into the specific number of Spekboom plants needed to offset your international flight.

3) You now have a zero carbon on your international flight and doing your bit to help fight climate change, how cool is that!

At the end of the day, the idea is simple: Do what you can, anything that keeps the planet cooler helps! Clearly, the planet is heating up and Mother Earth appreciates every tonne that helps to keep her cool!

See you on your next eco-adventure with TribalTourist.com | 100% Adventure

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