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Rare Earth Experiences

Wellness / Fitness

On a private island, you can walk from your thatched villa onto the beach, in the first bright light of day, knowing that the only footprints in the sand are yours. Greet the dawn with a yoga class, breathing in the fresh clean smell of the sea; or sleep in late, crinkled in lush Belgian linen sheets, with the smell of the frangipani on the air.

The whole day’s outline is up to you, in total privacy. Wherever you are, the things that make a Rare Earth Experience are the small, perfect details. Our villas, located all over the world, are about minimal intervention, where the award-winning contemporary interiors meld seamlessly with the gorgeous natural setting. From a private plunge pool to a best-in-class hot-stone massage, you’ll never want to leave the relaxation of the lodge. But, when you do, you’ll find that the marvels are just beginning.

If you feel most alive with salt in your hair and sun on your skin, why leave the boat? With our liveaboard possibilities across the Indian Ocean, you and your family will have the world at your fingertips. Divers can explore islands where the granite boulders host a dazzling array of colourful coral species, and younger guests will love the option to dip their toes into their first fishing experiments. Feel like getting active? Our team can’t wait to set up a beach volleyball session — but for those who’d rather keep a close eye with sun-bathing on the deck, we’ll make sure there’s a platter of tasty snacks.

We work with marine conservancies from all around the globe, from Maldives and beyond, so that when you visit a turtle sanctuary, you’ll know that you’re helping the next generation of gentle giants being nurtured and released into the wild.

Or spend a week on Mafia Island off the coast of Tanzania, watching the sun sparkle on the warm Indian Ocean. Free dive with whale sharks, seeing their brindled patterns shimmer under the water, and know that this is the best holiday of your life.