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Rare Earth Experiences

Legendary Expeditions​

There are some travel ideas that sear themselves onto your memory forever and create a yearning in your soul. It might have been seeing the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, or the first time you saw the Great Migration on a nature documentary. Those moments that drive themselves into the heart, that ignite your imagination, that create a burning desire — we don’t call them bucket-list trips. We call them legendary expeditions.

Sometimes a legendary expedition comes from bravery and adventure. If you’ve always wanted to trekk gorillas in the African jungle or watch the sunrise from a kayak adventure in the Okavango Delta: we can make it happen.

Sometimes a legendary expedition begins from the glamour and romance of a view over the savannah in a Hollywood film: we can take you to the Karen Blixen camp in the Masai Mara, where Out of Africa was filmed. Sometimes it comes from mystery, from a sense of the unknown: our local guides can take you to the remotest corners of of the planet and explain it in a way you’d never seen before. Or perhaps your legendary expedition started on the couch, the first time you saw the magical landscapes of Lord of the Rings: we know remote hiking trails so far from the tourist route, you might as well be in another world.

What kind of legend are you waiting for?