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Rare Earth Experiences

Into The Wild

The natural world, untouched by human hands, is still out there: and we know where to look. Across the globe, we work with handpicked conservation partners who share our reverence for the incredible species populating our planet, and our commitment to protecting them.

From your base at one of a handful of high-end tented camps, scattered across the rolling savannah of the Masai Mara, you and your loved ones will have front-row seats to the miracle of the Great Migration. You could get close enough that excited young ones can smell the dust, or just view it all from above in a hot air balloon. Your choice. And after all that excitement, what could be better than getting in touch with your inner romantic with a picnic for two at the exact site of the dreamiest scenes in Out of Africa?

Trek through the thick, steamy African jungle looking for the elusive Silverback mountain gorilla, or show your kids the wonder of the fluttering masses of flamingos in Lake Manyara in Tanzania.

On a trek along South Africa’s coastline, look out for Southern Right Whales leaping out of the water with their baby calves frolicking in the waters below. We’ll take you to rare, unspoiled places where the natural world continues just as it has done for thousands of years.

Fishing is just as much about appreciation of the world’s natural beauty as it is the joy of the chase. That’s why, when we take you to the most pristine parts of the planet, with Rare Earth Experiences you know that your visit helps to support marine conservation efforts in the area. So whether you’re marvelling at the turtle hatching around Alphonse in the Seychelles, or chasing some of the largest giant trevally on the planet in Oman, you can rest assured that the incredible marine life is being safeguarded for the future.

These are the adventures of a lifetime — and they are incredibly exclusive, in order to protect this delicate balance for the next generation. In supporting endangered wildlife habitats, we work with local communities to create access in a way that preserves these natural wonders for the future. Your adventure begins here. Let us show you the world.